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The Member Level includes subscription to the 912 Registry Magazine, and window decal.  (To renew a previous 912 Registry Membership, click the button above.)  Dues within the U.S.A. are $35 for one year; outside the U.S.A. dues are $50 for one year.  NOTE: If you do not currently own a 912, you are welcome to join; type "Associate" in the VIN data box.

After submitting your registration form, you will be returned to the payment page, to purchase the Membership via credit card or check/money order.    Please allow time for the updated information to appear on the website, as it is built partially by hand, like old Porsches.

We appreciate your support for the 912 Registry; in addition to the 912 Registry Magazine subscription and window decal, Memberships allow the Registry to fund additional activities.

Factory Illustration of Chassis/Color Plate Location - Click to Enlarge

VIN PlateTo register you'll need information from your car's identification plates.  For 1965-1968 cars, both the body number "KAROSSERIE" (VIN) and the original paint color information "KUNSTHARZLACK" should be on the plate on the left-hand door hinge pillar, below the chassis number.  For 1969, the paint number should be still be on the bottom of that plate, but the VIN number should instead be on a plate near the left front windshield pillar. 

For 1976 912Es, also look for the sticker with VIN and Month/Year Manufactured information, located to the rear of the left door, near the door pillar striker plate.

912E Foil Sticker with VIN and Construction Month/Year912E Owners Manual - Service Section1966 912 Service Book - Original Owner/Dealer PageSome information requested in the form can be found in the original 912 Service Book, (for 912E see Owner's Manual pages 78 and 92) , or obtained via a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.

1) Information about your 912:
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912 Model Year and Body Style*   
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(View the Paint No. & Color Code list)
Car's Nickname
Date of MANUFACTURE/ Production Completion
(i.e. on the VIN door sticker for 912E model, see above)
Otherwise, how might I obtain this information?
DELIVERY date to original owner (month/day/year)
(For early 912 see Service Book;
for 912E see Owner's Manual pages 78 and 92)
Otherwise, how might I obtain this information?
Original Dealer's Name and Location
(For early 912 see Service Book;
for 912E see Owner's Manual pages 78 and 92
Odometer reading (xxx,xxx)
Current Body Color  
  Leather seats   Sport seats   Headrests
Rear Window Wiper
  Fog Lights   Driving Lights   Rally Lights 
Engine Number and details #    
 Tires   Model
Acquisition and use  

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